[Ardour-Users] settings for video transcoding, or resolution limits in xjadeo?

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Sat Apr 21 04:00:55 PDT 2018


Got some questions about playing back video with ardour.  You'll see
that i'm confused vs. video in general.

Got a "prores 4444" video (for various reasons) i need to combine with
multi-channel audio, and would prefer to playback everything from

Can ardour/xjadeo be used to playback hi-res video?

Or, are there ways to have ardour accept a pre-prepared video to use
with xjadeo, and have it just do the thumbnails for the timeline upon
import?  If so, what would be the restrictions on format, encoding,
quality etc. (ie. flags to use for ffmpeg)?

Does ardour/xjadeo restrict to using mjpeg format internally, to do the
timeline and video window?

When feeding the original prores 4444 to xjadeo, it plays nicely in full
screen on a separate monitor (1920x1080).  Is this internally transcoded
in some way by xjadeo?

After importing the original video and having ardour do the transcoding,
setting the transcoding window to as close to 'copy' i can, the video is
degraded, and shows strong pixelisation when viewed in full screen.

Transcoding manually to an mp4-file with ffmpeg, the same video looks
fine using xjadeo.  But importing this externally transcoded file into
ardour again ends up with the same pixelised result.

Hoping to see some light soon.



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