[Ardour-Users] Presonus StudioLive Ar16

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Oct 6 13:53:08 PDT 2017

Brett Clark <bclark4444 at gmail.com> writes:

>> Why aren't you using the mixer's sub or aux groups, IOW why don't you
>> record the signal provided by the mixer?
> I need to track all 8 tracks individually.  There are only inserts on the
> first 2 channels which i could use as a 'send' to utilize the mixers pre's,
> but the rest of the channels dont have that.  Not to mention that i think
> the Mackie's pre's are noisier than the vsl1818.

Hey, I have a Mackie Onyx 1220 to sell.  If you use its 4 _stereo_
inputs, you get 8 _balanced_ recording outputs (post-gain, pre-fader,
pre-insert, pre-EQ) on a DB25 connector.  That should be better than an
insert output on whatever Mackie device you currently have.

Also you get 4 mono channels with Onyx preamps, two of them with Hi-Z
inputs for guitar etc.  Those again have recording outs on a different
DB25 connector.

I've used the first option for recording with an RME Multiface (you need
a special cable for the DB25->8xTRS connection).  One can use patch mono
cables for connecting two mono channel inserts to one stereo channel:
that allows recording a mix of mic- and line signals exceeding a total
count of 4 while only needing one DB25->8xTRS multicore.

There is a Firewire card available that is admittedly more convenient
for most recording purposes (I am using that with an Onyx 1620, a larger
and bulkier model with 8 mic preamps).  The routing options for the
builtin card are a lot more limited than when using an external
interface, though.

>> How would you link them together? Better get an ADAT device for
>> additional 8 channels, two optical cables, a 75 Ω BNC cable, a 75 Ω
>> BNC angle T connection and a 75 Ω terminator plug.
> The Presonus vsl1818 has an ADAT so that 2 can be daisy chained together.

Sounds good, short of the monitoring.  A good analog mixer _is_ nice for

David Kastrup

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