[Ardour-Users] Yamaha ProMix01

Thomas Mulot thomas at zankapfel.org
Wed May 3 05:35:05 PDT 2017

Dear Ardour Users,

can you help me with a MIDI binding map for an old Yamaha ProMix01? That was one of the first commercially available digital mixers and I have one lying around unused for years. So why not do something with it? 

The desk features 19 motor faders and corresponding ON-Switches that output Control Change messages via MIDI. While it was quite easy to write a binding map for the 16 channel faders controlling 16 channels, I couldn't get the switches to control the solos. (.map is attached)

When switching OFF the first channel, MIDI Tracer reports: Controller chn  1 16 00. Switching it on again, it says: Controller chn  1 16 7f.

I would also like to use the Master Fader to control the Monitor Volume knob. I can assign it via MIDI learn, but is there a way to put that in the bindings file?

Any other suggestions in how to best use the device as a controller are much appreciated.


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