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Massimo Fragala massimofragala at libero.it
Wed May 3 02:13:09 PDT 2017

Hi friend! 

There is something very exciting that you are going to love for sure!  Please, take a look http://pegeen.circlemotel.net

Looking forward, Massimo Fragala

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I was once doing VoG and it kept glitching at atheon so we kept  wiping. Throughout the run I  had consumed a gallon of iced tea  so I had to piss  really bad.  I  was at the  point  where it  was either sprint  to the can or piss myself. Needless to say  I didn't have  time  to pull my headset  off.  I had just gotten a new headset and  wasn't sure whether the other dudes could hear me, until they  were like 'are you serious?  Is that like  a  recording or something?'
That was a funny run.

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