[Ardour-Users] Newbie Question: Using 2. Soundcard for monitoring

Harry h.rueter at gmx.net
Sat Mar 11 12:59:11 PST 2017

Hi everybody,

again a "non-ardour"-question.

After having googled for so long finding no solution.
I hope people working with ardour may have a helpfull hint (or more).

What do i want ?

First of all, ardour-5.8 works fine..  recently i found out how to
get my midi-keyboard working with ardour :o)

So, now my home-orchestra is complete for recording :o)

String-instruments (guitar/bass) and vocals get recorded via
my usb-audiointerface (lexicon omega)+jackd , midi-keyboard via jackd, 
drums via hydrogen
and again jackd.

I record/monitor via lexicon, using its earphone-output as monitor.

What i'm  missing is a possibility to activate kind of a second 
monitoring device ..
I have an internal soundcard (=SB) and it's output-speakers shall do 
this for me
(i should mention the output should be routed via jackd).

Per default the SB is running via pulseaudio and it's working well
cause playing mp3-files via vlc works.

So, i tried several methods to configure SB as a second 
for jackd so i simply can route several outputs (for example 
midi/yoshimi) to the
hearable output i'd like to have.

It seemed i had success as configuring pulseaudio showed me "PulseAudio 
JACK Source"

But what makes me crazy is there is no output on the speakers ..
I can see there's input (or is it output ?) on this "PulseAudio JACK 
when i hit the midi-keyboard and look at the Pulseaudio-mixer, but thats 
all folks.

What am i missing what can i do to have noise on the speakers ?

Hopefully waiting for answer(s)

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