[Ardour-Users] Someone compiled 5.8.0 for Lubuntu ? Language is not locale

Harry Rüter h.rueter at gmx.net
Thu Mar 2 07:07:55 PST 2017

Hi everybody,

i know, no suppport for selfcompiled arduor.

Always tryin' to have full control i like to build applications
so i did with ardour 5.8 too.

Everythings works fine, but all the menus are in english while i'm 
located in good old germany.

I quick test with the binary (5.8.0) from ardour.org showed me the 
menus there are in german language ...

Language preferences are identical in sefbuilt and binary package ..

So can someone give me a hint, what's going on  ?

Was it a wrong  waf configure and if what shall i do ?

Best regards
Harry (who left the newbie state for a higher userlevel :)

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