[Ardour-Users] Editor window controls

Alf Haakon Pietruszka Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Sat Mar 11 09:57:55 PST 2017

Dear list,

After postponing for a long time I finally upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 
16.04 and downloaded Ardour 5.8

However, I do not understand the behaviour of windows. If there are two, 
editor and mixer windows, the editor window does not respond to clicking 
on the maximise button (nor does it respond to assigned keyboard 
shortcuts to achieve the same). Minimise button minimises, and the Mixer 
window responds as expected.

If I 'attach' windows to have only one, this single window doesn't 
respond to maximise button (minimise works as expected still) and the 
window is too big for my screen. At https://community.ardour.org/realfaq 
it says I can adjust font size at Edit -> Preferences Misc Tab, but I 
can find no such tab in my preferences.

The problem was not present on my previous setup, Ubuntu Studio 14.04 
and Ardour 4.7.

Did anyone else experience this and if so, did you find a fix?

Regards, Al F

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