[Ardour-Users] order of duplicated tracks

m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Sun Jun 18 10:44:34 PDT 2017


when i have several takes in one track, for editing i sometimes temporarily 
"explode" them into individual tracks by duplicating the track and removing 
all but one take/region (so i can play multiple takes at once to find 
asynchronous parts).

firstly, is there an easier way to get from one track with multiple takes to 
multiple tracks with one take each? in stack mode, only the top most region is 
audible, right?

secondly, if there is no better way of doing this, it would make my life much 
easier if track duplication would preserve the order of tracks within each 
copy. currently, when i copy

 track a
 track b
 track c

all at once two times in one go (i.e., number of copies set to 2), what i get 

 track a 1
 track a 2
 track b 1
 track b 2
 track c 1
 track c 2

but i would like to have is

 track a 1
 track b 1
 track c 1
 track a 2
 track b 2
 track c 2

because this makes grouping easier. can this be achieved?

viele grüße :: m.eik

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