[Ardour-Users] Calf plugin

Frédéric LESUEUR frederic.lesueur at free.fr
Sat Jul 29 13:20:24 PDT 2017


i'm french and i am on debian buster testing linux distribution.

My distribution is up to date so i have ardour 5.10.

I use jack.

Separately calf plugin with the calf manager works fine.

But when i insert calf plugin into an audio track (compression ie) into 
a ardour session, i can't have the gui. The plugin is insert, i can use 
with the basic gui but not with gui from calf plugin.

I launch ardour on debug mode with gdb ardour --gdb and run.

When i try to launch gui interface of a calf plugin into an audio track 
i have this message on gdb :

suil error: Failed to instantiate UI 
<http://calf.sourceforge.net/plugins/gui/gtk2-gui> in 

It's seems to be gtk ????

I read on dependencies (https://ardour.org/current_dependencies.html) 
that ardour use a modify version of libgtk2....is that library modify on 

What do you think about that ? what can i do ?



A bas la guerre et les tyrans

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