[Ardour-Users] a note from a friend

Massimo Fragala massimofragala at libero.it
Tue Jul 4 16:14:39 PDT 2017

Hey friend, 

I wanted to tell you something but please  make sure that no one finds about about this. Please read the note here http://g4va.kdcad.com/cold.php?5c5d

Hope this helps, Massimo Fragala

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My first time through i found it to be  for me the scariest moment in the game because I had no idea how many infected I was going  up against  because the runners kept  disappearing   around corners and it was one of the only times I  used focus. As far as it being  hard the only time I found  it difficult was  when I went through  on grounded and the only ammo I had was 3 revolver rounds, 2 shotgun shells,and one Molotov and there was a bloater in front of  the door out.

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