[Ardour-Users] ShuttlePRO / ShuttleXpress support available for testing

Johannes Mueller github at johannes-mueller.org
Sat Jul 1 02:12:33 PDT 2017


any owners of a ShuttlePRO or a ShuttleXpress here? 

I am working on introducing support for the ShuttlePRO and eventually also the 
ShuttleXpress in Ardour. It comes as a control surface with a GUI to configure 
the behavior of the buttons as well as the jog and shuttle wheels.

So far the control surface is functional. That means it works in my setups 
which is ShuttlePRO v2 on Linux. The ShuttleXpress as well as the other 
platforms Windows and Mac need testing.

So anyone who has access to one of those shuttle devices and compiles ardour 
bye oneself is invited to test the code of the following branch:


Any feedback appreciated.

Thank you




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