[Ardour-Users] Ardour 5.6 Keybinding split-region in german trennen

Mark Knoop mark at opus11.net
Mon Feb 13 11:17:08 PST 2017

At 19:01 on 12 Feb 2017, JoergSorge wrote:
>Hi Paul and all other contributors,
>thanks again for your work!
>One question:
>In the new version, I'm missing the ability to split a region with
>shortcut "s".
>When I search for (the german) keybinding "Region/ Trennen" there is
>no "s".
>When I try to add an "s", the system tells me that "s" is alraedy bind
>to Region/split-region.
>What can I do?

Some of the keybinding categories have changed, but there is no
automatic migration. With Ardour closed, open
~/.config/ardour5/ardour.keys in a text editor and delete the old

<Binding key="s" action="Region/split-region"/>

Then you will be able to add the binding again in Ardour.

Mark Knoop

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