[Ardour-Users] Ardour 5.6 moves MIDI notes to the left?

Mirko Horstmann bb at mirkokosmos.net
Sun Feb 12 15:41:07 PST 2017


I was about to file a bug report for this, but it seems so obvious, I'm 
not sure if I'm doing something wrong...

Whenever I record MIDI, Ardour 5.6 will show the notes in their right 
position during recording but after I stop the recording, it'll move the 
notes to the left in time line by a few hundred milliseconds. I checked 
this several times playing to the metronome and it's also apparent when 
recording the audio at the same time, the following is with Pianoteq 5 
but it's the same when I use a hardware synth, in the screenshots, it's 
about 400 milliseconds but I think I've seen other amounts, too:

MIDI vs Audio during recording:

MIDI vs. Audio after recording:

I cannot remember this happening in earlyer versions.


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