[Ardour-Users] insert bars before start

nick mainsbridge mainsbridge at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 05:34:06 PST 2017

I've been working on the 'rework snap' branch with this workflow in mind,
and have the following (sort of tedious) solution (only currently works on

1) place a location marker (snapped to some musical value) at the position
you would like the existing music to move to.

2) select all regions and use the region->position menu to glue all
regions to bars and beats. if some of the selected regions are locked to
the checkbox will now display a '-' in place of the tick. clicking the
in this state will set everything to glue to audio time, so you'll have to
do this twice.

3) snap to marks and drag the first time signature to the location.

4) select all regions and glue them to audio (deselect "Glue to Bars and

5) for every tempo marker that is blue, make it red (locked to audio) by
right clicking it and
selecting "Lock to Audio". the first tempo is always locked to audio, so if
you only have one, do nothing here.

6) disable snap or snap to some musical value and drag the first time
signature back to zero.

7) manually move all time signatures to their desired spot.

8) select all midi regions and glue them to bars and beats.

ok so this isn't exactly simple, so i'd welcome any comments on improving

as paul indicated, there is no simple way to move time signatures in a
frame-based way as they
must fall on a bar line (which may be elastic due to tempo changes).

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