[Ardour-Users] Analog synths

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Mon Dec 25 00:37:44 PST 2017

Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> writes:

> http://cdm.link/2008/12/intimate-control-multi-touch-new-models-and-what-2009-is-really-about/
> when you get to the end of the video, consider that the sound from brushing
> the "djembe head" isn't a sample, but a simple consequence of the model
> embodied inside the system.
> consider also, sadly, that this comes this time *NINE YEARS AGO* and
> we still do not have actual systems that are can do this in any
> immediately obvious way. most of the problem these days is the lack of
> deeply expressive physical models rather than the control systems
> (madrona labs makes them, and in some senses the linnstrument
> represents a similar level of responsiveness.)

And it's not like people get killed as a consequence of bad music like
with self-driving cars.  Well, possibly excepting military music.

David Kastrup

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