[Ardour-Users] Analog synths

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Sun Dec 24 02:02:24 PST 2017

Brent Busby <brent at keycorner.org> writes:

> Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> writes:
>> The most exact way to play virtual drums is by using the most advanced
>> plastic thingy, using real drums and mics to trigger the virtual drums
>> doesn't work nearly as good.
> I used to be against the acoustic triggers you're describing, putting
> triggers on your real acoustic drums to trigger processed sounds.
> I've completely changed my mind about them though.  Your live audiences
> expect to see real drums.  They will never be satisfied by Simmons
> hexagon pads, modern circular frisbee pads, or any other kind of pads.
> Don't even get into the lack of stage appeal of showing up with a drum
> machine or a laptop.  No matter how electronic and processed the drum
> sound they're hearing, they absolutely believe and expect it has to come
> from something that looks like an acoustic drumset.

You know: an accordion, particularly in the compact form of a chromatic
button accordion, is a great highly portable Midi controller.
Reasonable range, separate channels for chords and bass notes, quite
intuitive continuous expression control through bellows pressure, quite
nice for controlling all sorts of wind and string instruments.

Audience sees a fscking accordion, they want to hear a fscking
accordion.  You probably need to glue a bell on if you want to be using
saxophone sounds.

I am singing alto.  I finally had to revert to doing shows in drag.
Audience sees a fscking male, they want to hear a fscking male.

But what a scandal broke out when audience figured out that Milli
Vanilli was lip synching to Frank Farian studio recordings.  Farian
himself actually later toured as "The real Milli Vanilli" playing and
singing live (and with actual musicians substituting for his multitrack
work), but nobody wants to see Frank Farian.

Live audiences are mindless idiots.  They want to be entertained, not

David Kastrup

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