[Ardour-Users] modular synths -- was Re: analog summing

Al Thompson althompson58 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 12:02:31 PST 2017

On 12/22/2017 02:50 PM, Gordonjcp wrote:
>> I suggest you start by listening to some Emerson, Lake, and Palmer,
>> Yes,
>> Walter Carlos, Jan Hammer, and Trumvirat. 
> Are they doing anything that couldn't be done with a digital synth?
> We don't need analogue synths any more.  They were a shitty solution to
> a problem we no longer have.  It's better to do it all digitally.

I suppose you prefer digital drums and digital pianos over the real
thing then, too?  And digital modeling amps over real tube amps?

After all, they all sound kind of close to the real thing.

I still find it curious that you describe real instruments as "static
and lifeless," since those are terms that are nearly universally applied
to the digital counterparts.

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