[Ardour-Users] level audio

I. Ivanov iv35pl at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 17:59:34 PST 2017

Hi Guys,

I am just starting with Ardour... can you give me an advice please? I am 
trying to mix 2 tracks (stereo - done on a digital recorder) and mono 
from a sound booth. It is a choir concert.

My challenge - part of the recording - the singers are very quiet while 
on others the audio is quite loud. I am trying to use the stereo 
compressor that is made by the Ardour team but I am lacking 
experience... On some parts I created Fader automation that has to go 
down as far as 25db lower to reduce the clapping noise. Is this (Fader 
automation and compressor) the best approach or perhaps there is a 
better approach? My master volume peaks at 9.4 I guess it is way too hot...

Thank you,


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