[Ardour-Users] Removing hum from track

anahata anahata at treewind.co.uk
Sat Apr 29 23:19:50 PDT 2017

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 02:00:00AM -0400, Al Thompson wrote:

> Trying different combinations of tracks to phase reverse
> should get a substantial reduction in hum.

There's a massive assumption going on here (and in previous posts along
similar lines),  which is that the same hum waveform is beng picked up on 
all or several channels.

In my experience, a typical hum problem occurs on ONE channel, or it
might be on two different channels but with quite different sound quality
and level so nothing would cancel at all.

Even if you are getting very similar hum on two channels, inverting one
and delaying to get a null would also need the relative levels of the
two channels to adjusted to a particular ratio to cancel the hum. What
happens if that makes the relative levels of the actual instruments/vox
etc. wrong in the mix? Adjust for correct sound balance and your hum
comes back!

It's certainly not the simple and obvious procedure some people seem to
think it is.

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