[Ardour-Users] Removing hum from track

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 00:34:08 PDT 2017


On 27/04/2017 03:01, Sg.tla wrote:
> Hello,
>     I've been tracking audio for several years now but never got beyond
> the basics of noise removal filters. Does anyone have advice on a good
> plugin for noise removal that is compatible with Ardour? I have tried
> the ones that come with Audacity but they always pinch the sound and at
> least restrict the dynamics. Thanks in advance!

'noise' is a rather broad category and hum, while usually indicating 
some sort of 'noise' in the mid-low frequency range, is also very generic.

There are many many variables in 'noise perception' and strategies to 
minimise it/remove it. For example the quality of the noise per se 
(pitched/unpitched, constant/non-constant, frequency range(s) affected), 
and of course quantity (meaning the noise intensity, for example all 
vinyl records or tape cassettes had some intrinsic background noise, 
usually acceptable and in some cases even desired!); finally the audio 
material affected by the noise is also very relevant: is it a speaker's 
voice in a quiet studio environment? Is it a recording of a live 
environment? If it is music, what kind (if you listen to some (even 
professional) recordings with headphones you can sometimes spot slight 
pick-up noises etc. but that's usually unnoticed in a mix, and if the 
music is good you don't really care too much..)

So... I guess it would be *very* good if you could either provide an 
audio example, so people might provide more precise hints and ideas ;)


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