[Ardour-Users] Are there hardware mixer strips?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue Apr 25 09:41:54 PDT 2017


until recently I had a Mackie Onyx400F but it bricked on me.  There is a
command line tool (hinawa-fireworks-cui) for setting its internal mixer
which provides submixes for outputs 1/2 .. 9/10 (8 line outs and 2
digitals), replete with "pan", "mute", "solo".

Still working is my Hammerfall DSP Multiface which also has an internal
mixer (basically everything to everything) for its outputs.  That mixer
can be accessed by writing values to ALSA controls.

The question is whether it would be feasible to use Ardour's routing and
selected mixer strips for accessing those kinds of internal mixer.  That
way, it would also be easily possible to control the internal mixers
with Midi control panels that can control Ardour's software mixer

Can one do that kind of thing using Ardour's Lua extension language?

David Kastrup

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