[Ardour-Users] Problem moving automation with audio-regions

Klaumi Klingsporn klaumikli at gmx.de
Fri Sep 30 13:21:44 PDT 2016


I have got a problem moving automation with audio. 

In Edit > Preferences > Editor I have checked the box “Move relevant
automation when audio regions are moved”, but when I move an audio
region with the mouse (slide-mode) the automation-data (in my case
just fader-data) stays in place. 

Any hint what I might have done wrong?
I remember it worked once with an older version.

I am normally using the debian ardour-packages, but I just downloaded
the official binaries from ardour.org (5.3.0, 64 bit) to check and had
the same behaviour.


Klaumi Klingsporn 
mail: klaumikli at gmx.de
web: www.klaumikli.de

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