[Ardour-Users] Saving disk space

jonetsu jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Sat Oct 1 06:44:10 PDT 2016

On Sat, 1 Oct 2016 12:10:56 +0200
Gunter Königsmann <gunter at peterpall.de> wrote:

> Processing needs to be done in floating-point:
> One example why this is necessary is that a simple low-pass that
> reduces the signal amplitude might shift low frequencies in respect
> to high frequencies  - and it therefore might happen that even if the
> overall signal strength is reduced by the low pass at one point in
> time it makes a peak of a high-frequency signal coincide to a
> low-frequency one exceeding the original 16-bit-amplitude limit .

Can you expand on why exactly there would be a shift of the low
frequencies in this kind of filtering ?  The simple way I consider this
presently is that the filtering, the EQ, would only change the
amplitude of the signal, so why would it shift it time wise also ?

There are a few so-called "linear phase" EQs out there.

Thanks !

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