[Ardour-Users] Seemingly random glitches in exported audio

Ben Bell bjb-ardour-users at deus.net
Tue Oct 11 15:33:13 PDT 2016

I'm in the last stages of exporting a project and I'm suffering random
glitches in the output audio. They sound a little like tiny fragment of
audio getting repeated as if a buffer wasn't serviced in time. That
shouldn't make sense with a freewheeled jack export though, right?

I've seen a few references to things like this in older version but I'm
using 4.7. Any thoughts on possible culprits? At the moment I'm considering
taking two exports and then just splicing them together in some other tool
to remove the glitches.

I can send session files and samples of output but I'm not sure how useful
that would be. As far as I've spotted so far it's only affected two out of
eleven tracks, but on one of them it's stubbornly persistent (although in
different places each time) over five export attempts so far.


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