[Ardour-Users] Upgrade to 5.4: MIDI file timing issue

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Thu Oct 6 13:51:02 PDT 2016


Yesterday I upgraded from 5.3 to 5.4 (ardour.org Linux 64-bit build). I 
saw in the notes about some midi timing issues having been fixed. I 
think I might have run into one of these in earlier versions with 
imported midi files remaining "static" and not conforming to tempo 
changes I added on the Ardour timeline. But that's by the by.

I've just opened a session with midi regions recorded in an earlier 5.x 
version and the regions are playing at, I'd guess, about half the speed 
they were before and hence completely out of time with the click and all 
the recorded audio. The midi regions also now extend beyond the end 
marker. They respond to being moved around i.e. they shrink or grow 
depending where on the timeline they are in relation to various bpm 
changes, but still always way too slow.

I suspect this is related to the midi fix in 5.4 because the entire 
session is in a variety of x/8 time signatures. Is it expected that midi 
regions recorded in earlier versions will be effectively "broken" now 
that those bugs have been fixed? Is there a way to fix the regions so 
they play at the correct speed?

Many thanks


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