[Ardour-Users] music made with Linux+Ardour

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.xyz
Thu May 26 18:43:56 PDT 2016

ahoy all,

   first, thanks for all the great music, tools, tips and time that  
many of you have produced and shared in this great community, always  
very inspiring.  i have been following these lists for some time,  
getting lots of help as i stumbled my way around the GNU+Linux audio  

   i am happy to present my small contribution: "demonstrate (from  
where to Now: volume 2)" by our music group "in-giro"


created mainly with Ardour 3 alpha/beta (thanks Carl and Paul  
especially for all the MIDI help!), the suite was recorded "in giro"  
(Italian for roughly "in motion, on the move"), in all aspects of the  
phrase.  it is a type of abstract rock opera, with characters and  
recurring themes both lyrical and musical.  included in the downloaded  
ZIP file is the libretto PDF with hand-drawn lyrics, credits and  
additional artwork.

some help from Q mixed+mastered by long time GNU+Linux supporter Rich  
Wielgosz http://richwielgosz.com .

currently the 'site' is a simple embed of the Bandcamp widget (


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