[Ardour-Users] Suggestion for the locations window (Alt-L)

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Fri Mar 11 16:43:16 PST 2016


What about adding a button for each location to make it easy to jump to
specific places ?  And, why not move that window into the right
vertical side bar, with the jump button first, then the name of the
location ?

Then it would be possible to set marks, and hide them, using the
sidebar (or sidecolumn, whichever name ti has) to jump to specific
markers.  Why hide them ?  Because they become messy quickly when
working on compositions (*).  Markers with intuitive names that
menas something a year later, such as:

muted trombone solo
first pass theme 1
solo guit theme 1
open trombone backdrop
open trombone solo

(*) so far I use Renoise in sync with Ardour if only to set markers as
they can be at least 40 characters.  I find it useful to work with
markers, and find it useful when a project is put on the backburner and
revisited much later.  But for markers to be really useful, I find,
they must allow jumps to specific places and no clutter an interface.


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