[Ardour-Users] [LAU] music made with Linux+Ardour -- "demonstrate"

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.xyz
Wed Jun 1 02:45:40 PDT 2016

ahoy again all,

  i just wanted to quickly give many many thanks for the listens & feedback so far, and to say that unfortunately this bumpy on-the-road release continues: our web host seems to have had problems soon after I sent this original message, from Fri. May 27 thru Mon. May 30.  thus all email sent to us over that period was lost! so in case you took the time to reply could i ask you to resend the message? i would hate to have your time wasted .. even more than these emails from me are maybe already doing ;)

peace, w

On May 27, 2016 3:26:09 AM GMT+01:00, "Wayne DePrince Jr." <waynedpj at in-giro.xyz> wrote:
>PreScript: apologies for prematurely sending this email unfinished: on 
>the road, with a foreign keyboard and up too late rarely results in  
>anything good!!
>ahoy all,
>    first, thanks for all the music, tools, tips and time that all of  
>you have shared in this community.  i have been following these lists  
>for some time, getting lots of help and inspiration as i stumbled my  
>way around the GNU+Linux audio world.
>    and now i am happy to share something as well: "demonstrate (from  
>where to Now: volume 2)" by our music group "in-giro"
>created mainly with Ardour 3 alpha/beta (thanks Carl and Paul  
>especially for all the MIDI help!), the album was recorded "in giro"  
>(Italian for roughly "in motion, on the move"), in all aspects of the  
>phrase.  the suite is a rock opera, with tracks 1-9 (of 10) flowing  
>gaplessly.  thus, i recommend downloading the album (free) to  
>(hopefully!) enjoy it as intended from the first track onward.   
>currently the 'web site' is just a very thin veneer around the  
>ubiquitous Bandcamp widget, (with the so-called 'single', track 7,  
>playing if no other track is selected), so there will unfortunately be 
>awkward pauses between the songs if streamed directly.  as further  
>incentive to listen offline, the downloaded ZIP file also includes the 
>libretto PDF containing hand-drawn lyrics, additional artwork and  
>      speaking of credits, i would like to mention in particular 2  
>people who i met on these lists while developing "demonstrate":
>- long time GNU+Linux audio engineer Rich Wielgosz  
>http://richwielgosz.com mixed+mastered the album, IMHO doing a great  
>job with some sketchy source material (we are learning how to record  
>as we go!)
>- musician, composer and list contributor Q  
>https://soundcloud.com/quirq-uk helped with production and creative  
>    finally, i would appreciate any comments: technical, creative,  
>proper email etiquette, whatever!  thanks sincerely in advance for  
>taking the time to read/listen.
>peace, w
>PostScript: i am currently on the road for a good bit, so while i will 
>eventually respond to any replies, please be aware that it may take  
>some time ;)
>PostPostScript: apologies again for the double post and false start!!!!
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sent whilst in giro .. sorry for brev

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