[Ardour-Users] call for feedback -- basic set of bundled plugins

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Fri Jul 22 06:59:32 PDT 2016

Le 15/07/2016 17:31, Robin Gareus a écrit :
> Fellow Ardouristas,
> We've recently taken the last hurdle to include a basic set of DSP with
> Ardour itself: Damien Zammit of zamaudio volunteered to curate and
> maintain a set of cross-platform plugins upstream.
> Yet one last step remains: Once we start shipping these plugins the
> sound and exposed parameters should not change. And who's better for QA
> than users who will actually use them?
> Please grab a http://nightly.ardour.org/ build (or compile latest git
> and) let us know what you think and if you deem these plugins adequate
> for a basic workflow. Bonus points for a mix done entirely with a-* plugins.
Have grabed Ardour_32bit-5.0.pre0.741-dbg-gcc5.run, and mix with only 
Ardour Team plugins.

-12 good audio tracks at 44.1 imported, with compressor and high/low 
pass, some of they EQed, all of them with 2 or 3 aux send
-3 busses for instruments, 1 "all but bass and BD" bus with highpass, 3 
FX busses (reverb and 2 dlys)
-one master bus with compressor and ArdourTeam quad filter (not sure of 
its name at the moment)
-half of tracks are automated (fader, aux send, FX paramater), 2 busses too.

Not any crash, just one jack disconnect probably due to the OP..:-\
Since I'm not fan of strange FXed mixes, it makes no difference to 
switch off all of "not Ardour Team plugins"

I found really nice, among others:
*to have preferences/board/editor switchable in the same window
*something that has been done in the general visual aspect, it seems 
more "clearly defined", fonts am I right?
*the marks tab in right of editor
*the ability to save your plugin presets in the mixer right tab (not 
have done, but think it's a plugin drag&drop stuff?)
*using Ardour to make music, even thought it's a 10 years feeling!
> * a-Compressor
> Mono/Stereo compressor with optional Sidechain input.
> Based on zamComp.
like the others plugins, no fancy GUI and it's 100% correct for me as it 
does what it's supposed to do, compressing with 2 bargraphs!
> * a-Delay
> A non-feedback delay with optional BPM sync and low-pass filter.
> Based on zamDelay
The version used here does have a feedback % slider..
> * a-EQ
> A 4 Band Equalizer with hi/low shelf using SVF Filters (inspired by
> Andrew Simper).
Nice to have hi/low shelf in it, waveform also
> * a-High/Low Pass Filter
> A standard 12,24,36,48 dB/octave High/Low pass.
Does its job well
> * a-Reverb
> A Schroeder Reverberator.
> Based on b_reverb.lv2 (setBfree)
A little more parameters have been better, but it's usable
> Cheers!
> robin
Thanks for this great work, to the entire Team :)

PS: not sure if it's the right place to ask, but is it possible to have 
a more accurate view of the region spectral analysis?
Means, in one of my dreams, that excessive peak between 2k and 7k, if I 
put the mouse over a pop-up says "4321Hz"..


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