[Ardour-Users] Moving the beginning and the end of a recording

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Sun Jul 17 07:13:47 PDT 2016

> I guess what the OP is seeing is that it is quite difficult in large
> sessions to get the hovering mouse cursor to change to trim mode. I have
> seen the same since I work with wall clock on location recordings and my
> sessions are easily 18-22 hours long. With such lengths, "zoom to
> session" becomes impossible, and also the hover-at-boundary thing does
> not work anymore. You need to zoom in considerably before getting the
> cursor to change again.
This is exactly the problem I tried to describe. Pressing "i" and "j" is
a good replacement for moving the boundaries with the mouse this in my
case even if I wonder if making the "hover-at-boundary" at minimum 0,5%
of the screen width or 2 pixels wide would be a good idea or if it would
make grabbing the right region harder instead.

> Interestingly, the behaviour is not consistent
> between end and start boundaries. At the end, it kinda works, at the
> start, it doesnt.
> Corner usecase, but still...

Also I have the impression that "i" and "j" set the region start and end
to a point that is slightly different to the one my marker (playhead)
currently is at. Haven't fully investigated this, though, up to now.

Kind regards,


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