[Ardour-Users] Colour of marker lines

Lukas Pirl ardour at lukas-pirl.de
Sun Jul 3 01:35:24 PDT 2016

On 07/02/2016 06:56 PM, jonetsu at teksavvy.com wrote as excerpted:
> There is probably an interface option
> to make them, I don't know, yellow or orange,

There is probably an option in [Preferences -> Theme].

> but why would they be
> hard to see as the default option ?

Well, I guess it is a matter of taste if one prefers the GUI high or
low in contrast and diversity of colors. Also, it probably depends on
how often and what for a user uses such marker lines and thereby if the
need to be very present or just as an orientation "when visually
searched for".



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