[Ardour-Users] Album produced with Ardour

Lukas Pirl ardour at lukas-pirl.de
Wed Jul 13 06:31:47 PDT 2016

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that the band "Operation Zeit"¹ released their
album "Von Füchsen und Coyoten" that was party but very proudly
produced with Ardour.

The album – translated from German: "About Foxes and Coyotes" – is a
debut with 12 quite genre-diverse hip hop/crossover tracks (German
lyrics, sorry).

All tracks were completely recorded and edited using Ardour
(one exception: one track was partly edited in a commercial DAW).
Three tracks were completely mixed using Ardour.

One of those latter ones you can find and listen to on YouTube². Enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding the production in general, the
hardware, the guitar strings used or what not, feel very free to email me.

Thanks a lot lot lot to all contributors, users and list lurkers that
made Ardour what it is today.



PS: If you feel like purchasing a copy with an also amazing artwork,
    go ahead¹ :)

¹ https://operation-zeit.de/
² https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFrA-Gw3vHQ

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