[Ardour-Users] Opening of plugins while playback is delayed

Tim lists at kiuni.de
Tue Jan 26 12:45:35 PST 2016

Am 26. Januar 2016 21:28:57 MEZ, schrieb Chris Caudle <chris at chriscaudle.org>:
>On Tue, January 26, 2016 2:04 pm, Tim wrote:
>> Radeon  HD 2600.
>That is a really old card, I don't know if the current radeon driver
>supports it, and if it does it might be in non-DRM mode only.  It could
>useful to update to an HD5450, which seems to be the least expensive
>fully supported by the current radeon driver.

I know it's old but 'man radeon' tells US that RV630 is supported. I possibly can geht a 7950.

>> I realized when adding a lv2 plugin and opening it while the
>> rolls, the plugin opens a few seconds delayed. Mostly a xrun occurs.
>I don't know if there is a way to avoid a xrun when adding a plugin
>the transport is rolling.  Is the plugin being added to a track which
>playing, or to a new empty track, or a muted track?

It's a playing track. What about the seconds delayed opening of the plugins' window? To me it seems Ardour gets more and more unresponsive by increasing number of active plugins. It's a project with 7 tracks and 3 busses with one or plugins each.

>If audio is playing and you add a plugin then the processing chain has
>be interrupted, the processing graph recalculated, then the audio
>up again with the new plugin filled with presumably silent frames.
>Is your complaint just that there is a glitch in the audio when adding
>plugin when the transport is rolling?  I would have to wait for one of
>developers to comment, but that is the behavior I would expect, it is
>pulling out patch cables and changing connections in an analog setup,
>seems natural you are going to get some dropouts if you do that while
>audio is running.

I don't hear a glitch. Just seeing a fast increasing counter of xruns.

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