[Ardour-Users] Export hangs after script executing

JoergSorge technik at srb.fm
Tue Feb 23 05:10:03 PST 2016

Some additionally infos to this:

The 1. export from a project works fine.
The 2. export don't start, the progress bar is still set to 0.

I cancel the export form, retry export, same behaviour.
Quit ardour, quit qjackctl and jack and start all again:
No export possible!

killall -9 jackd and restart jack, ardour:
No export possible!

Only a reboot of the whole OS let me able to export the next part from
my project!!

If I start ardour via
/opt/Ardour-4.7.0/bin/ardour4 --gdb
I don't become infos by thread apply all bt!

What can I do?

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