[Ardour-Users] instrument list

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Mon Feb 22 18:26:56 PST 2016

On Wed, 10 Feb 2016 21:38:52 +0300
Roman Evstifeev <someuniquename at gmail.com> wrote:

> Plugins from u-he come as native Linux-VST. They are closed-source and
> considered beta:

> The list of u-he instruments:
> Bazille
> Diva
> Hive
> Podolski
> TrippleCheese
> Zebra

Also from u-he:

FilterscapeVA (synth)
DarkZebra (add-on to Zebra2)
Zebralette (free synth bundled with Zebra2)

All native Linux VST and despite what they say about beta, they're all
fully functional and very stable.

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