[Ardour-Users] New analysis window when doing an export

Niko Efthymiou nefthy at nefthy.de
Mon Feb 22 07:31:04 PST 2016

On 22.02.2016 13:52, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Important is what we hear, measurements we see are overrated.

I disagree. Visualizations and measurements like the analysis on export, 
could have saved me quite some time on past projects.

Just think about a stray peek making your mix 10db quieter than it would 
be without that peak and the Band whining that the mix is way to quiet 
(true story). I would have cought that in a glimse with waveform 
display. Using my ears only, I have to listen to the export, listen to 
references, compare, make up a theory why my mix is 10db too quiet, try 
to fix it, rinse and repeat until I come up with the idea of inspecting 
the exported waveform in some wave editing software...

Or imagine problems like DC offset because, some plugin is not behaving 
or you parameters are outrageous. I don't know about your ears, but mine 
definitively can't hear DC offset (and yes this has happened to me and 
it was a visual inspection that brought the problem to my attention). I 
can see that in a waveform visualization.

I can also make use of the LUFS, LU and other stats, even if I don't 
care about broadcast standards, as I can compare the numbers to those of 
other mixes in the project or past projects and judge if something is 
way off.

What ardour is concerned, more/better visuals please!

Greets Niko

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