[Ardour-Users] nightly/development builds

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Feb 22 12:43:37 PST 2016

If you use the nightly builds at http://nightly.ardour.org/ or if you build
your own version of Ardour from git (for yourself or others), please be
aware that at about 20:30 GMT, the master branch was merged with the
"tabbed" branch and thus the resulting builds will be substantively
different from any older versions.

The "tabbed" branch features two important changes from previous versions
of Ardour. First and foremost, both the editor and mixer windows (along
with the preferences window) are by default displayed as tabs in a single
window. The tabs can be torn off to create detached versions, and the
program will remember this state. Secondly, the entire mechanism for
keyboard shortcuts has been completely redesigned to allow us to break away
more easily from the constraints that GTK+ (our GUI toolkit) was imposing
on us.

The "tabbed" branch was under development for months, and has received some
testing by a handful of kind and brave users. We nevertheless expect some
breakage to emerge as more people start trying it out.

*If you use nightly builds or build Ardour yourself from git, please take a
moment to consider the implications of your next "update"*. That said,
please test it out and let us know what you think. There are lots of
details left to be worked on before we consider this ready for release, and
it will be a better release the more feedback we get.
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