[Ardour-Users] Ardour 5.5 session always in "unsaved" state

George Khouri gk1 at four-four.com
Sat Dec 24 12:22:16 PST 2016

Well, to at least partially answer my own question, and this may be a bug:
If I create an audio bus, add the a-Reverb plug-in to that bus, write 
some enable/disable automation for the plug-in on the audio bus, and set 
the automation to "play" mode for the a-Reverb plug-in, Ardour 5.5 
always thinks the session needs saving, even immediately after saving. 
If I set the automation to "manual" on the plug-in, Ardour indicates 
that it is saved after saving the session - as expected.


On 12/21/2016 01:58 AM, George Khouri wrote:
> Friends,
> I have a session in which, all-of-a-sudden, Ardour 5.5 always 
> thinks/says it needs saving, even after being saved. I couldn't find 
> any discussion of this problem elsewhere.  I have worked in this 
> session daily for a few weeks, and I have saved several snapshots. All 
> has been normal regarding the "save" state. Yesterday I saved a new 
> snapshot, switching to the new snapshot. From that point, in this 
> snapshot and the one it was created from, the session always says it 
> needs saving when I close it. If I modify the session, File->Save will 
> save the changes but Ardour thinks the session is not saved.  The 
> asterisk is always in the main window title bar, and I can't quit 
> Ardour without being prompted to save the session. Annoying and 
> unsettling. Earlier snapshots of the same session open fine and the 
> saved/unsaved state indicators behave as expected.
> Other Ardour sessions and new sessions behave as expected regarding 
> saved/unsaved state indicators.
> Running on Ubuntu Studio 14.04
> Any ideas? I'd rather not go back to an earlier snapshot, since I 
> would lose several hours of editing.
> Thanks,
> George Khouri
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