[Ardour-Users] xruns invasion with firewire. kstudio 14 or 16

humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr humbert.olivier.1 at free.fr
Tue Aug 9 06:35:59 PDT 2016

De: "Damien Delpiroux" <xzurukneg at free.fr>
> Le 08/08/2016 20:13, Damien Zammit a écrit :
>> Also check, if you are using ffado, that the alsa FireWire drivers are
>> not loaded or may interfere with streaming, good luck.
>How do you think I should do that?

First, you can check if the alsa module related to your interface is loaded with a lsmod |grep snd
If so, you can unload it manually with (as root) rmmod the_alsa_module

Note that this will not be persistent after a reboot.

(I think you're running a KXstudio which is a debian based distro, so the following should work
that way but you may want to double-check with falktx)
If you want to make it persistent, you may want to add a xzu-blacklist.conf file
in the /etc/modprobe.d/ folder. This file should contains :

blacklist the_alsa_module

Hope that helps

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