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Hi Owen

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 6:28 PM, Owen Alanzo Hogarth <gurenchan at gmail.com>

> At least if I start learning this synth since it's free, can I transfer
> those skills to linux? Are there any vst/au like hybrid 3 for linux?

Your question is quite open, so there are many possible answers, and many
of the answers will be more questions. People use plugins for many possible
goals including composing music, performing live, learning synthesis
techniques in general, general sound design and so on. So I would say it is
important to be aware of and share your goal as specifically as possible if
you want more detailed input.

If you are looking for a synth that mirrors the exact interface, GUI, or
workflow of Hybrid, then there is not really an exact duplicate on
Linux. If you are talking about learning synthesis techniques, then yes
these techniques can be transferred to new tools like any skill. There are
a number of synthesis plugins of varying quality on Linux, both free and
paid, that make use of similar synthesis techniques or some subset of those
techniques. You should be aware, however, that the range of native plugins
on Linux is far smaller than that available on both OSX and Windows. You
can also run some windows VST plugins under Linux, but that's a different

hope this helps
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