[Ardour-Users] Using jamin

Niko Efthymiou nefthy at nefthy.de
Mon Sep 7 00:46:13 PDT 2015

On 07.09.2015 08:48, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Back to the original question.  There is no way to get a shorter
> processing graph with jamin as an external app. It might be possible if it
> was an LV2 plugin because Ardour will bypass jack i/o ports for the
> connections.  With an external application there is always going to be
> some additional lag depending on your jack settings. If you want to have
> minimal delay most people run jack at 64 frames/period.

I can't see much use for jamin in the low latency applications like 
tracking. If you are at the mixing/mastering stage of the project you 
can use far higher buffer sizes, which gives you more stabillity and 
more CPU for plugin processing.


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