[Ardour-Users] plan to update FLOSS tutorial to version 4

Bruno Ruviaro bruviaro at scu.edu
Thu Sep 3 14:11:43 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 3:27 AM, Carlos sanchiavedraZ <csanchezgs at gmail.com>

> Hi Bruno,
> If I had some time to contribute in a not so distant future, I'd try to
> add some content but also will like to make translations. I see there's
> content on how to contribute.

​Hi Carlos,

Any help now or in the future is always most welcome! The info on how to
contribute is here:
​ any questions, just shoot me an e-mail.​

> I can't remember if you mentioned at LAC2015 how to include translations
> (or how easily it is) with that ecosystem (github+jekyll) you were starting
> to use or improving. I guess you could follow same instructions but you'll
> end up with a mixed index and menu items; or you could fork it but it
> should be accessible from this tutorial, maybe in a chapter for
> translations to make room for other languages as well.
> Is there any procedure/first steps on adding translations?

​I think your last suggestion makes sense: I can add a chapter to the
English tutorial called "Translations" that links to any and all available
translations.​ A pointer to it can be included on the landing page.

Anyone willing to create and maintain a translation can just fork the
tutorial from github and send me the link of the translated tutorial; then
I'll add the link to the Translations page.

Essentially, your first steps would be

1) Log in to your github account and fork the tutorial from there:
https://github.com/brunoruviaro/ardour4-tutorial - Give your fork a name
that indicates the language. For example if I did a Portuguese translation
the link should end up being something like
github.com/myusername/ardour4-tutorial-pt (I suggest we use the same letter
codes that wikipedia uses: en for english, es for spanish, pt for
portuguese, etc.)

2) Create a branch called "gh-pages", and make it the default branch (this
is in github "settings"). That's the branch you should be always working
on, as that's where github builds the website automatically from. The
website will be automatically published on a URL like

2) From your fork, and always in the gh-pages branch, go inside the
"_posts" folder, select a file, and you can start editing and writing the
translation right there from the browser (if you like this method).

3) If you plan to redo all screenshots with Ardour in your language, simply
save all images inside "images" folder. It will be easier if you keep the
exact file names I gave in English, and simple overwrite my screenshots
with yours. If you are not redoing screenshots, you don't need to do

4) The main titles and general stuff can be edit in the _config.yml file.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

All best, and thanks for your help!


>> On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 7:23 PM, Robin Gareus <robin at gareus.org> wrote:
>>> On 06/28/2015 02:26 AM, Bruno Ruviaro wrote:
>>> > Hi all,
>>> >
>>> > Sometime this summer I would like to update the FLOSS tutorial from
>>> version
>>> > 3 to 4. Version 3 is currently here:
>>> > http://brunoruviaro.github.io/ardour3-floss-tutorial/
>>> Yay!
>>> > If anybody is interested and has the time to help out, it would be
>>> great to
>>> > do this as a small team -- perhaps a "book sprint" effort lasting one
>>> week
>>> > or something like that. Essentially, the bulk of the work is to
>>> re-read the
>>> > whole thing and change text and screenshots as needed to reflect 4.X
>>> > changes.
>>> >
>>> > In addition, if there are Mac and Windows users willing to write
>>> specific
>>> > pages for their OS'es, that would be excellent.
>>> >
>>> > Finally, I noticed today that the "Help > Manual" menu of Ardour 4.1
>>> > redirects to the old FLOSS manual for version 2.8. Would it be
>>> appropriate
>>> > to make the menu point to this new version I have been hosting on
>>> github?
>>> Yes, it makes perfect sense. While many of the concepts described in old
>>> flossmanual are still valid, it is indeed rather dated.
>>> Done. https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/commit/bdd46bad
>>> It's a user preference where the link goes, so this update has no effect
>>> if a user keeps old settings. I don't know if we can easily do something
>>> about that with the next release. I'll sleep over it.
>>> Now there's a 302 redirect from http://ardour.org/tutorial to
>>> http://brunoruviaro.github.io/ardour3-floss-tutorial/ . So in the future
>>> we can change it easily to e.g. ardour4-floss-manual server side.
>>> (the old flossmanual link is a 301 permanent redirect, no dice)
>>> > Or would it be desirable to merge it somehow as a separate section of
>>> the
>>> > main Ardour documentation? (bearing in mind that this FLOSS tutorial is
>>> > essentially a different animal than the Reference Manual; the former is
>>> > conversational in tone and guides the reader along with practical
>>> exercises
>>> > and goal-oriented tasks; the latter is intended to be a comprehensive
>>> > reference manual with in-depth explanations.)
>>> more of the
>>> I think it's good to keep both separate, The tutorial is orthogonal to
>>> the reference manual.
>>> It's an excellent beginner's tutorial. Thanks for writing and
>>> maintaining it. I dare say that hosting or mirroring the final site on
>>> ardour.github.io or somewhere on *.ardour.org or can be arranged easily
>>> if there's interest (all hail git).
>>> best,
>>> robin
>>> PS. We also have a standing offer from sourcefabric to move to
>>> https://www.booktype.pro/ for free (engine successor to
>>> flossmanuals.net); but unless the idea is to eventually publish it as
>>> paperback, the current github version is more convenient.
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