[Ardour-Users] Ardour plugin automation in Regular (non-Master) tracks and buses

Gehmans Utility Barns gub2 at emypeople.net
Tue Sep 1 08:05:53 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I will admit that my use of Ardour is in the experimental stage, and my
terminology may reflect this. Feel free to correct me if my understanding of
some of these Ardour concepts is skewed.

Why does Ardour 4.1 support automation of individual signal processor
controls in the master bust, but not in any of the other buses or tracks? I
am mastering an a cappela male-voice album, and I want to be able to
automate the individual band EQ and gain controls of the Linux DSP Black EQ
plugin in the bass track, but can Ardour seems to allow this only in the
master bus.


                Stanley Gehman,

                TruLife Acoustics

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