[Ardour-Users] A4.4: Critical bug using calf's lv2

Adriano Petrosillo ampetrosillo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 16:47:09 PDT 2015

Of course, there are dozens of variations of each tool. As a DSP student
myself, I perfectly know that there are many ways to skin a cat, each with
slightly (sometimes radically) different results. It's often about
subtleties though (not always). Still, you can cover, say, 70% of use cases
with some soundly implemented general purpose plugins which are flexible
enough to be used in a variety of situations and still better than wading
through the mud of shoddy plugins. (To make a simplicistic comparison, in
the graphics world, a Lanczos resize can be slightly better than a cubic
interpolation one in certain cases. But if cubic is all you have, or the
alternative is something which god knows what it does, it's still nice to
have, I suppose). I named REAPER's ReaPlugs because they're a great
example. Simple, quite full featured, they don't cover *all* use cases but
they're serviceable. To tell the truth, I don't know if they're available
on Linux (they make them available as VSTs, I don't know if they compile
them for Linux too, maybe they do as they encourage their users to run
REAPER on Linux through Wine) but that's what I'd suggest to use to a user
approaching Ardour if they were.

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