[Ardour-Users] Getting signals from Ardour

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Tue Oct 20 15:25:40 PDT 2015

> 1) read up on the Mackie Control specs to understand how the (2-way)
> communication works in theory.

Are there any other control protocols currently supported?  I know in the
past Euphonix had promoted a different protocol which was transported over
Ethernet.  I think the marketing name for it in their products was
EuControl.  I remember reading an AES preprint on it years ago, but I
don't know if it was ever used by other manufacturers.  Seems like I only
find Aavid controllers now when I search for EuCon, so I guess now.

I was just checking the SmartAV controller, which supports several
different DAW over Ethernet, and it seems to use Mackie protocol or
similar variants as MIDI over IP, but when used with Pyramix uses a
protocol referred to as OASIS.
"Oasis (Open Audio System Integration Solution) is an open source remote
control protocol, designed to bring the entire DAW application out onto a
remote interface."

Claims to be open source, but Google can't find a link to the protocol
specification or an example implementation, so I'm not sure their
definition of open source is the same as mine.

It just seems that MCP is a little convoluted, and there should be a
better way using modern protocols to control a DAW.  Is OSC the best bet
for that?

Chris Caudle

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