[Ardour-Users] Segfault in 4.2

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Sat Oct 31 04:42:20 PDT 2015

Bundling all postprocessing into a single process is probably the way 
to go when one wants to introduce sandboxing. It won't reduce the 
number of context switches needed, though, and therefore still won't 
work for a low-latency audio processing system that is optimized on 
dealing with massive multi-track setups. Moving all recording and 
signal processing into a separate process would get rid of the context 
switches and even might somehow keep the UI alive during a crash. But 
it would still mean a crash stops the current recording session and it 
would still mean that if the session data is kept within the signal 
processing process (where it needs to be in order to make accesses to 
this data fast enough) the session still would have to be recovered 
afterwards => This approach would add complexity but might not be of 
much help.

There are many plug-ins out in the wild. If you tell us what you need 
from calf - perhaps on of the lisp members knows a replacement that 
might match your needs.

Kind regards,

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