[Ardour-Users] help a noob - line in recording

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at d.umn.edu
Tue Oct 20 20:15:40 PDT 2015


I use ardour in the very simplest mode - I enjoy using it, so please
don't tell me to use something like audacity. :)

For the longest time I would record input from a soundboard (auxiliary
output) to the the line-in (maybe mic-in, it is a 1/8" jack next to
the headphone jack) using Ardour 2.X under Debian squeeze.

Now I'm using Debian sid (unstable) and ardour 4.2.

When I right-click and add a mono track everything *looks* okay, but I
don't get any input from the soundboard. It doesn't look like anything
is muted in ardour. Things are definitely not muted in the aux-send
from the board.

Any pointers on where to look?



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