[Ardour-Users] Erasing empty bars

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Tue Nov 24 18:15:26 PST 2015

On Tue, 24 Nov 2015 19:59:48 -0500
Brett McCoy <idragosani at gmail.com> wrote:

> > There are no more tracks in this section at the beginning.  All
> > trackes were removed.

> You are confusing tracks and regions. The track holds regions and all
> of your edits (aka playlist). It's like a virtual piece of recording
> tape. 

Could very well be that I do not use the right terms.  So here it is
once again time... for a screen shot.  In full low-res.

It shows only a portion of the tracks.  The gray square extends over
and is the 'empty space'.  The begin flag, in a small green rectangle
is the new beginning of the piece.  First two bars are count-in.  The
large green rectangle shows the new beginning of the tracks at 00:20;17,
after everything before was split and deleted.  As far as I see it,
that grey space is empty.  Yes, what I called 'tracks' are actually
'regions'.  The tracks I haven't deleted.

> If you select the track, you can remove time from the selected
> track and everything in the track will move down automatically.

You mean in this case, will move left, is it ?  If that's the case,
yes, I'd like to remove 00:17:04 from the beginning of all tracks.

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