[Ardour-Users] Questions about the main canvas, track displays

Ivan K ivan_521521 at yahoo.com
Sun May 10 19:55:39 PDT 2015

Currently, the order of the track displays on the main canvas
starting from the top is the order that these tracks were created.
Rather than display these tracks in this order, I would like to
move some tracks above or below others (based on register, for example).
How does one do this?

For a midi track display, the color between the background and the
short horizontal bars which represent the pitches of this track
are too similar and therefore, it is difficult to
read this track display.  How can I adjust these colors?

I see that if I right click on the track control area
that the menus displays  "colors ..." but all this does
is change the color of that bar _below_ the midi pitch display,
not the colors of the pitch display.

Hopefully I was clear.  Thank you for your time.

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