[Ardour-Users] trouble with retaining microphone connectivity over multiple sessions in Ardou

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Wed Jun 24 09:38:08 PDT 2015

On Wed, June 24, 2015 10:37 am, Cameron Metcalf wrote:
> As stated, the very first time I use Ardour, it has no problem seeing the
> box and recording from the microphone, all input levels are sensitive and
> can be adjusted. On reboot, it apparently still sees the box (from all the
> other points I've discussed), but the input levels are dead, the
> microphone
> is capturing room noise, but Ardour is not showing any input level at all.

Are you starting a new session in ardour each time, or just opening an
existing session?
When you create a new session I think the defaults are to connect inputs
to any newly added track.  I don't know what happens if you re-open a
session with a recorded track, not sure whether the inputs get connected
again or not.  I usually turn autoconnection off and explicitly setup
connections how I want them, and I'm not at a machine with ardour right
now to check how the autoconnect behaves.

You have not mentioned any details of how you are configuring the
connections in jack.  You do realize that jack is a patchbay type of
design, where you have to connect the inputs you want to the destination? 
Sometimes that gets hidden by ardour automatically connecting things for
you, maybe you need to open either the connection manager in qjackctl or
the connections window in ardour and verify that the VSL inputs are
actually connected to a destination port.

You can also stop jack and use something like audacity which connects
directly to alsa to verify the interface is working OK.  As someone else
mentioned, perhaps alsamixer is changing the hardware mixer on the device.
Ardour 4 can also directly use alsa, but I think you said you are using
ardour 3, correct?

I don't recall you mentioning how familiar you are with ardour already, do
you understand the places I'm referencing when I refer to the connection
manager on qjackctl and the connection manager in ardour?


Chris Caudle

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